Welcome to the home page of Neville Hawkins.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find the site interesting. My life is full of different business activities and I manage a full family and personal life too, but first let me give you a little background and the story of how I got here.

I graduated from Southampton University in 1985 with a degree in Electronics and promptly started work with BT, at their research laboratories in Martlesham near Ipswich.  Well, they sponsored me through university, so it would have been rude not to!  There I got stuck into radio systems, antennas and propagation, which a few years later I carried over into Cellnet, the mobile phone operator which is now O2, specialising in the development of the then new GSM (2G) system.

With such expertise in the new upcoming technology, the next step was inevitably consulting, starting out at PA Consulting Group, then MSI, then my own company run together with my wife, Tumi.  After a number of years of this, the never ending succession of airport lounges, hotel rooms and billing by the day started to take its toll. After a brief foray into community broadband networks, we settled on property investment as a new career and set about building a portfolio of properties, whch today is our bread and butter income generator. Telecommunications Consultancy continues, but nowadays I choose my clients and projects so that I am able to deliver maximum value from my expertise.

Our newest business is the production and sale of a new range of pet shampoo and grooming products designed to help dogs and other animals with skin problems. This, bizarrely, came about because of of the property business (long story – I'll explain later), but is now looking like it will dwarf it in terms of both turnover and profit over the next year or two.  Oh, and I nearly forgot. The house we bought happend to have an indoor swimming pool. (We got a bargain because of it.) After a while of seeing it as a liability, we started leasing it out to a local swimming school, so now it not only pays for itself but actually makes a small profit.

In my downtime I like to take care of the kids (I always do the school run at both ends of the day) and keep fit with running. For a while I ran a rally car, which was a lot of fun, but sucked money out of my bank account at an alarming rate. I also enjoy going to rock concerts (yes, I know, at MY age!).

Anyway, more details, and possibly more interesting stuff to those interested in doing well in business, or running, can be found elsewhere here on the site.



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